05 May 2008

Boris Johnson Quote

The new conservative mayor of London, tapping into a sentiment against modern ugly towers. He knows that most people prefer to live in neighborhoods of brick townhouses:
...promised to protect London's traditional and historic buildings and streets from bulldozers and skyscrapers.

Mr Johnson said he would assure Londoners that "their gardens, their views, their neighbourhoods are not going to be dwarfed by high rise blocks or engulfed in a sea of identikit homes.

"What the average Londoner wants is a house with a garden and a front door.

But when I look at some of the plans for the 27 phallocratic towers that Ken wants to erect in the suburbs, I wonder whether we have learned anything from the experience of the last 50 years.

"We seem to be in the grip of barbarians who are determined to knock down venerable buildings - Victorian police stations and swimming baths - and put drab blocks in their place.

"You can have more houses without wrecking the garden city of London."

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