22 May 2008

Wired - Urban Living is Greener

The first myth in a list of 10 about rethinking what it means to be green: Article in Wired.


VisuaLingual said...

Hmm, that's some interesting contrarian thinking. I especially appreciate the point about used versus new cars. To me, it seems that too much of "green thinking" is focused on proper shopping rather than less consumption. I know it all raises awareness, but a brand-new organic hemp t-shirt does less for the environment than simply buying one less t-shirt.

valereee said...

I so agree. I saw a t-shirt yesterday that said Green is the New Black. I found this hilarious -- buy this shirt to prove how green you are? And, here, buy this car -- it'll prove you're green, too. And this imprinted shopping bag! And here's a cutting board made from recycled plastic! And don't you need a new green home to store all your green stuff in?