21 May 2008

Katie Laur at Rinks

Katie Laur Album, Black Tie, Recorded in 1982 at Octev Records, 5825 Vine Street, 45216. Recording Engineer: Larry Nager. Sold at Rinks for $6.99:
Octav Records was in Elmwood Place, near or perhaps the same place as Vernon McIntyre's Old Time Music (now moved to Wapokaneta, OH) and before that was it Jimmie Skinner Music Center, at 1300 Vine and before that at 222 E. Fifth Street?)

Rinks, now a Flea Mercado:

[Where: 9651 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45231] at Meredith Drive


VisuaLingual said...

How cool! I just [finally] met her yesterday.

Unknown said...

Excellent choice!