07 November 2007

Visions and Dreams Ministries


This door is to a very small storefront space on Garfield, that looks like it is getting a new tenant. Small spaces like this are cool, because they allow new ventures to start more easily. Not sure if the words Visions and Dreams associates well with the word Ministries though.


Mark Miller said...

How many E's in Ministries?

You'd think with nice, fancy, expensive signage like that, someone would have thought to do a spell check.

You might also mention the City's walk-through building permit procedure for simple tenant-finish projects. I think the one-stop permit center over on Central Parkway is one of the best things local government has ever done to reduce the hassles of opening a business. It is unique to Cincinnati and makes us much more development-friendly than all of our neighboring jurisdictions.

CityKin said...

You know, I hear a lot of people complain about Cincinnati Building Department, but I find them pretty easy to work with.

I think misspelling your sign is a pretty good indicator that the business will not make it.

5chw4r7z said...

Don't get too excited, I walk past this every day and nothing inside has moved for a good six months.