28 November 2007

Final Aquatics Plan


I recently read a summarized copy of the CRC Final Aquatics Plan. Since there is so much mis-information out there I thought I would share some of the key points.

The Final Aquatics Plan was presented to the CRC Board and passed October 16, 2007.

The plan calls for $23 million dollars to do the following items:

Develop 3 Regional Aquatics Centers:
1. Westside: Dunham Recreation Center (already under construction)
2. Central: Bond Hill Recreation Center
3. East: Madisonville and Oakley Recreation Centers (not sure if this is 2 or 1)

10 existing pools will be converted to spraygrounds. These are shown in red above and are listed below:
25 Caldwell (Elmwood Pl)
26 Concourse (downtown)
34 Dyer (West End, already converted)
28 Fairview
29 Filson (Mt. Auburn)
30 Mt. Adams (pool behind Playhouse)
31 North Fairmount
32 Oyler (Price Hill)
33 South Fairmount
34 Washington Park (OTR)
35 Ziegler (OTR)

Five pools will be completely removed and re-programmed as regular playgrounds or ballfields:
Oskamp (on Glenway in Wews

24 neighborhood recreation centers and / or pools will be improved. These are indicated in green on the map above. I am not sure of the extent of this improvement until I get a copy of the full plan.

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