18 November 2007

Pizzeria Proposed for Court Street

This little white building, which I believe was last used by Vine Street Flower Co. is hardly a building. It is only 16' wide and is more of a roof between two bigger brick buildings. The building was for sale for a while, and purchased last month.
Saturday a contractor was cleaning-up inside, and he is remodeling it into "Buccis Pizzeria". The permits have not been secured yet, but the plan is to recess the building 15' or so to create an outdoor patio at the front. The interior has 3 skylights that would be restored.

I suspect that their could be some building code issues that could hold this project up though.
[Where: 22 West Court Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]

By the way, Dan of the Vine Street Flower Company, is now at his third location downtown, at 21 E. Court, and is the best florist around.


Dan said...

That's cool news. I've always loved the building to the east. I thought it would make a great beer hall.

Randy Simes said...

Very cool...but for some reason I can't remember ever seeing this building. I'm going to have to make sure to go and check it out now.

Radarman said...

It's a cheesy little building last used as a hiring hall for temporary labor. The temporary labor vultures are as knit in with the wino economy as the social service agencies.

Mike said...

As long as it's good pizza...