10 November 2007

Bare Breast not Allowed

The sixth district appellate court of Ohio recently re-affirmed that women must cover their breasts in a public park.

At approximately 1 p.m. on Sept. 16, Bourne and other men and women gathered at the park for the event. They posted a “Titty Committee” sign. Bourne then removed her shirt as did some of the other men and women.

... Bowling Green Police Officer ... arrived and requested that the women put their shirts back on; he then issued the women citations for disorderly conduct. On the citation, he noted that there were several people, including children, in the immediate vicinity of the event.

... the court found that the citation was appropriate due to the anatomical differences between men and women. The court also concluded that the police officer was responding only to Bourne’s conduct and did not curtail her First Amendment free speech rights. The court also noted that the right to free speech is not absolute and must be balanced with the rights of others.
The 3-0 opinion said that while the “court does agree that there are occasions where shirtless males are offensive; however, we cannot ignore the firmly rooted societal differences between male and female anatomy”.


Anonymous said...

It is likely Ms. Bourne did not find the court decision titillating.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Ms. Bourne has learned that when she is in public she shouldn’t act like a boor, philistine, simpleton or a boob.

Anonymous said...

The court decided her disregard for public decency was an arrogant expression of chest- thumping.

CityKin said...

A no-fail way to boost traffic and comments to your site... mention bare breasts.