16 November 2007

Downtown Dad Invents New Card Game


I plan on buying a deck this weekend to support a local entrepreneur:

Cincinnati native, Jeff Spelman, has invented a cool new game that we are just bringing to market on an absolute shoestring.

Created in 2007 and manufactured for us 100% right here in Cincinnati Ohio, by US Playing Card Co, we are excited to share Quick Count...the fast-paced strategic football card game.

Quick Count is available for purchase at MetroNation, downtown.

It is also available online at www.QuickCountFootball.com The game has only been on the market for a few weeks. We hope to have more local retailers selling the game in the couple of weeks.

We are inspired and motivated by Cincinnati's rich heritage as the source of iconic toy and game inventions like Play Doh, UNO, and cornhole.

Jeff went to the same church with Merle Robbins (inventor of UNO), as a kid growing up in Cincinnati suburb, Reading. He witnessed history first hand as Mr. Robbins began selling the first decks of UNO out of his little barber shop in Reading in the early 1970's.

Quick Count is the only game in the world that combines the two huge passions of football and card-playing into one activity. It's loved by kids and adults alike. Math teachers are using it in the classroom. Tailgaters are already playing Quick Count at Bengals games!


Jeff_Spelman said...

Dear Mike,
Thank you so much for sharing the story of Quick Count Football Card Game with your readers. We are encouraged by your enthusiastic support! Have fun playing Quick Count!
Michelle and Jeff Spelman

Dan said...

UNO was invented here? I didn't know that.

CityKin said...

I bought my deck today, and the person in front of me bought seven decks to give to friends, she said they love it. My kids are a little young for this kind of game, but we are going to try it.

Jeff_Spelman said...

We have an 8 year old and a 5 year old. The older one is GOOD - he beats me (the inventor!) all the time. We modify the rules for my 5 year old - we started out making it more of a matching game. He would match the numbers. Then we showed him the pictures of the football players on the cards. Now, he can almost play the game as it was intended by matching the players properly and the numbers. Of course we help with the adding and his touchdowns are loosely 100 yards...;-)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to you, and never give up.

However, be careful with USPC, as I would know and so would other local inventors from the Cinci area. USPC now facing 9 counts of copyright infringement from me, and did the same in 2004 to one of us inventors. see more at www.FAESSLERvUSPC.com

CityKin said...

^Your cards were standard card decks with special military designs, and this is a specific card game with specific rules. Pretty different situation I think.

thanks for posting though, and good luck in court.

Anonymous said...

hey i know this post is really old but in case anyone notices... just wanted to let you know of a game I invented which is similar concept but different execution. replicates football with just a standard deck of playing cards. Instructions free here: