13 November 2007

Found Item - Lottery Ticket

Notes written on the back of a scratch-off. To me, it speaks volumes that these ramblings about Farrakhan and Kabaka Oba are written on the back of State-sponsored losing gambling ticket.


Anonymous said...

Very disordered set of people, places and thoughts. I noticed the names of the rap artists Tupac and Chuck D written near the recycle symbol. A random act of chance perhaps.

CityKin said...

To me the lottery is about misplaced priorities, crushed dreams and the promise of getting something for nothing. This is the opposite of the words preached by people such as Malcom X. It is just disgusting that our state promotes this under the slogan "somebody will win, might as well be you".

Gambling once was the province of sleazy men doing numbers, racetracks and church bingos. Now the state has taken over the racket, and serious gambling is becoming a national pastime.