14 November 2007

Ed Moss Busted

For several years, local jazz pianist legend, Ed Moss has partnered with vocalists Pam Ross, and hosted regular Tuesday night sessions at Ed's place at Schwartz's Point (in the center of the photo below). The invitation was by word of mouth and the vibe was intimate. A maximum of 50 people, usually less, would come for some food prepared by Ed, have a glass of wine and enjoy some beautiful music. Ed and Pam only asked that people leave tips for the band. There was no charge for drinks or food.

Unfortunately, an undercover liquor agent was sent in and served a free drink. A few days later Pam and Ed were wrongly arrested. They are now attempting to clear their name, and secure a license so that they can continue in some fashion. Until they can make that happen, they are continuing their shows at the Know Theater, every Tuesday from 8-11pm. We went last week, and sadly, attendance was down from when it was an private party, though the music was as good as ever.

Please, support local artitst like this and visit them tonight or any Tuesday at the Know Theater. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

This is a little confusing to me. If he didn't charge for the drinks (or food), did he really need to have a liquor license?

CityKin said...

They didn't think so, and neither did anyone else. But the law saw it otherwise and shut them down.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, this was the home of Mr. Moss. He entertained friends, provided minimal food, and had wine and beer available - also tea, coffee and water. There was no cover charge, and no charge for the food or drinks - a private party in his home. I cannot see any state saying he was doing anything remotely illegal unless minors were imbibing, which apparently wasn't the case. When will Cincinnati realize the musical legend that Moss has become, renovate the historical building in which he resides? What a great way to kick-off a clean-up of a neighborhood that is nationally known as a run-down, dangerous eyesore? Hello - Mayor, Councilpeople, helloooooo??