12 November 2007

A Day to Cherish

I came down with a bad cold, and my son was off school for Veteran's Day, so we spent the day together with no agenda, and it was great. We walked all over town, went up Carew Tower, ate at Hathaway's (under new ownership, same food and staff), bought some shoes and an action figure, dug in the dirt a bit, ran into some old acquaintances and talked. We found a rock and played soccer with it on the sidewalk. We watched the construction sites, and watched barges, pigeons and people. But mostly we talked and walked. It was so relaxed and enjoyable. Usually our days are filled with school, work, lessons, sports etc... It was such a relief to just hang-out. It was lovely.

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Anonymous said...

Mike, that does sound like a perfect day. Hope you feel better soon.