07 November 2007

Thursdays and Sundays at the CAC

The Contemporary Art Center has Family Sundays (typically the second and fourth Sunday of each month) at the UnMuseum, on the top floor. They also have a Thursday program tomorrow, more oriented to pre-schoolers that I have never been to. They have contact info listed, but in my experience you can just show up at the allotted time and join the class. These programs are free if you are a member. If not a member, then you must pay admission.

IMAGINATION: Leapin' Leaf Monsters, Thursday Art Play
Thursday, November 8th 1-2 pm, UnMuseum®
Bring your creativity.
Nature provides the leaves.
Mrs. A brings the crayons.

Make a leaf print and transform nature into design.
This program is designed for children ages 3-7 and their caregivers.

LEARNING: Visions, Family Sunday
Sunday, November 11th and 25th 1-4 pm, UnMuseum®
Create your own Opt Art.

Rachael Hammerline, teaching artist for Visionaries & Voices, explores Julian Stanczak's artistic use of scientific precision to create the illusion of pulsating motion.

Family Sunday is where CAC families use current exhibitions to inspire learning and creativity through guided artmaking activities.

Call Andrea Blake 513 345 8434 or e-mail ablake@cacmail.org to reserve your space.

Please note: Thursday Art Play is typically the second and fourth Thursday of each month. In November, Thursday Art Play is cancelled for the fourth week in observance of Thanksgiving.

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