12 June 2009

Trinity Flats

Trinity Flats is a new building at the southwest corner of 14th and Vine. I have followed this project from the early demolition of the old buildings, and through construction. This is the first new building on Vine Street since "Gateway I" (in the 1100 block).

There are 9 condos, one storefront and a first floor garage parking. Each unit has balcony and 3 of them have roof decks. The total project budget was $2.5 million and I noticed that a couple have sold. A bunch of my photos were blurred, so only a few photos here, and none of the Rookwood tiled elevator and entrance lobby:

[where: 1331-3 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]

Across the street, the next project is under construction:

UPDATE: See Glaserworks website for floor plans on this project.


Anonymous said...

Anything under construction at the SEC of 14th & Republic? I am very curious to see if anything has come of the crazy plan to add three floors to my garage.

CityKin said...

NO! your old garage is still sitting there, nothing happening.

ToeJamFootball said...

I think that's a dead bird in second pic. OTR is rough on the wildlife. ;-)

CityKin said...

^yes we saw the bird, but since the window wasn't operable, we couldn't reach it.

5chw4r7z said...

Were you able to confirm if the storefront doors could be opened? From the outside I never did figure this out.