14 June 2009

Green Revolution in Iran

I've been seeing some great photos of protests in Iran. Very moving stuff. It is believed by many including the crowd in this video (Mousavi supporters, often wearing green) that the election was stolen:

There can be no question that the June 12, 2009 Iranian presidential election was stolen. Dissident employees of the Interior Ministry, which is under the control of President Ahmadinejad and is responsible for the mechanics of the polling and counting of votes, have reportedly issued an open letter saying as much. Government polls (one conducted by the Revolutionary Guards, the other by the state broadcasting company) that were leaked to the campaigns allegedly showed ten- to twenty-point leads for Mousavi a week before the election; earlier polls had them neck and neck, with Mousavi leading by one per cent, and Karroubi just behind.


Randy Simes said...

Incredible stuff.

CityKin said...

I love to see passion for democracy. The videos coming out of Iran remind me of watching TV in 1989 during the Tianamen Square protests.

Quimbob said...

Apparently, the big guys who sit above the government are going to launch an investigation, whatever that means.
Still, that;s some serious distrust going on over there.
Definitely not a tea party.

Anonymous said...

Tianamen did not turn out well. This is not a dmeocratic country.