11 June 2009


The second building on the tour is called Mottainai. It is at the southeast corner of Republic and 13th. This has been a very rough corner for many years, and the buildings themselves were also in terrible terrible condition. They had been vacant for at least 15 years. They are also almost the only buildings left on the east side of Republic Street in this block. There are vacant lots to the north and the south. Knowing all of this, I was pretty surprised at the very high level of finish in these units. They obviously put a lot of money into these two buildings (the website says 2.84 million, but that sounds way too high for these 8 units with prices starting at $134k). It is a bit shocking to walk off the gritty street right into such a polished first floor space like this:

This is a cork floor:

The sink on the left is painted cast-in place concrete. Not sure about that:

More cork:

More cork:

And even more cork, leading to a rooftop deck:

[where: 1222 and 1224 Republic St., Cincinnati, OH 45202]


Andrew said...

wow. i love these units!

Anonymous said...

I got a contract on one of these in March. Went on the Gateway tour a couple weekends ago and saw some great stuff, but no buyer's remorse at all. I love these.

CityKin said...

^congratulations. I noticed that a few were already sold here. The finishes and design were top notch.

5chw4r7z said...

I love these also, wish they had left the bathroom sinks natural concrete but they weren't bad.
Couldn't get over the Rookwood tile, subtle and sophisticated.

Anonymous said...

I love these lofts and think they are the best in the area. Anyone know who the designer was? He/she rocked it.

Julie said...

We've been looking around at condos in the OTR area and just from the pictures, I've fallen in love with these. Looking forward to looking at them this afternoon.