21 June 2009

Forced Together Time with Prison Walls

Happy Father's Day

Temporary prison-like walls built around a subdivision for a reality TV show:
e>...the network built 2,000 feet of stark 20-foot tall walls around eight homes in a Kennesaw subdivision, walls that resemble the outside of a maximum-security penitentiary...

...eight families in those homes will be trapped in their own homes for about three weeks, blocked by said wall. If they leave, they relinquish the chance to win an unspecified large cash prize...

...the concept is that suburban families lead such rushed, disparate lives, they don’t spend enough time together. This show will force them to do so. Dad can’t go off and play golf. The kids can’t go to ballet class or karate lessons. Mom can’t hit the mall.

As a footnote, apparently this is in the same community that made gun ownership mandatory for all households and is the same town that elected Newt Gingrich and refused to allow public transit inside.

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dave said...

Hope the city fire department was consulted before the walls went up. Sounds like a new twist to the bio dome experiment a decade ago. If I remember right, one of the participants was disappointed and felt it was a waste of her life.