09 June 2009

Help Local Blogger get a Really Goode Job

Local blogger Michelle Lentz, who writes the blog My Wine Education has submitted her entry into Murphy-Goode Winery’s “A Really Goode Job” contest, which awards a 6-month, $60,000 contract to live on-site in the Sonoma Valley and spearhead social media for the company. In addition to social media, the winner will experience life at a winery, taste wine, give tours and host picnics, and participate in creating a new wine to commemorate the “Really Goode Job” experience.

All entries are one-minute YouTube videos making a pitch for the job. Hers just posted on their site last night, so she is starting a little behind. Go view it on the Murphy-Goode site and if you want her out of town for six months, vote. She even set up another web site for the contest that goes into more detail at rainbowgoode.com.

I think she is a great candidate, and has blogged locally about wine for a while now. Not only is is a great opportunity for her, but six months later Cincinnati will have even a better resource for wine information. Not to mention showing folks that Cincinnati has some wine-cred by putting a Cincinnatian in this position.

So at least check it out. If you agree vote for Michelle.

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Scott said...

We're just a small wine shop, but we're doing a lot on Facebook & Twitter - we just launched a promotion for someone to win a B&B Dream Vacation along the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday to see how very small "mom & pops" can use social media to get the sort of results that the big guys like Queensland and Goode are doing. We'll see if people are as competitive to get a vacation as they are to get a job. More info here: http://whyineedabreak.ning.com