30 June 2009

Individual vs Societal Green

Another study finds urbanites more green. Its always interesting to see the suburban greenies write in their outraged objections when they read such articles. (After all they did add insulation to their attic and change to energy efficient bulbs). This kind of thinking reminds me of a guy I heard on Smart City podcast a few weeks ago. Alex Steffen was saying that it is wrong to think people can save the planet by making these small tweaks in their personal life. We really need bigger and more transformational societal changes:
...I think we have made a pretty profound mistake in assuming that the only way that people are willing to engage with big problems and try to bring forth big solutions is as individual consumers. Not only is this something that just simply won't work, we can't shop our way to a better planet, but it also something that profoundly insults the dignity and capacities of everyday people. Democracy is founded on the idea that groups of people coming together have the capacity to choose well and act boldly. We have poorly served our larger community by insisting that sustainability is something that happens at home. It isn't. Sustainability is something that happens in the ordering of your city and nation...

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