11 June 2009

Thursday Night Out

On rare occasions, I will hire a babysitter from Babysitease and take my lovely wife on a night out. Being the uncultured slob I am, instead of going to a nice restaurant or a movie, I treated my wife to a streetcar fundraiser. There were several hundred people there, and lots of positive energy.

But I am not a total dweeb and knew that we had to do something nicer. So we then headed down to Fountain Square. I think it says a lot now that when we are looking for some activity, we naturally gravitate to Fountain Square. Seems like there is always a crowd, and tonight was the biggest yet. It's not even the weekend yet.

It was salsa night, and it was packed with people dancing and having a good time. There were some great dancers and the square was pulsating. I finally met Morris (who is an excellent dancer). I also figured out that I know Diana (the salsa guru) from when we were teenagers. We talked, and she convinced us to take lessons.

The dancing and closeness on the square, the sheer joy, reminded me of an axiom that Roxanne Qualls quoted in her talk Tuesday: public affection is an indicator of a successful public place.

While the dancers were still getting sweaty, wife and I headed over to Jean-Ro's for a single martini each. They were excellent. As we walked home, each block we got further from Fountain Square, the streets got quieter and emptier. When we got to our quiet block and went up to relieve the babysitter, she commented on how loud the neighborhood is. Ironic.

I guess it was loud to her, because we still have the windows open, and haven't closed up yet for air conditioning. But I like hearing everything that is going on outside. Murmurs, drizzle, tires on wet asphalt, a breaking bottle, whatever. It was a bit humid, but the nights have been pleasant with gentle breezes and occasional rain.

Fingers crossed that the sun be out tomorrow, so the kids can return to the pool.


Jim Uber said...

Diana does a great job with her Salsa lessons. She's really fun - you should do it.

Andrew said...

i live right on clifton ave. near ludlow ave. and i love hearing the random street noise, too. it reminds me i live in an actual city and not a suburb. however, the screaming ambulances every half hour i could do without.

Dan said...

I thought that was an interesting point by Qualls about affection on teh street and there is something very sweet I find about two people holding hands walking down the street. I don't care if it is straights or gays or a parent and their kid. It just is nice.

Randy Simes said...

I didn't see you at the Rally For Progress...there were quite a few people there though. Sounds like a great time, glad you two were able to get out minus the children.