27 April 2009

14th and Vine Condos Update

One thing I try to do is correct myself or apologize when I was wrong. When I saw the original drawings for this building, I was pretty negative on it. But now that it is almost completed, I have to say it is looking good.

In the original rendering, the walls were shown blue. I didn't know it would be brick. For a building like this, details matter, and they have paid attention to some important details, such as the stone base and the alumacore detail around the uplighting. I think it all comes together. Sorry for the cell-phone pics:

Overall view from across the street:

The corner is transparent:

Uplighting detail

Storefront glass garage doors:

Also, the building across the street is just begining to take shape:


5chw4r7z said...

Aren't those roll up doors (I'm hoping/praying they are roll up doors) screaming for a cool cafe?
I wasn't sure when I saw the renderings but over the last couple weeks this building has just popped, very contemporary but sensitive to the neighborhood.

Randy Simes said...

I really like the building. It doesn't copy what the rest of OTR is, but it does pay attention to the necessary details to make the building work with the surrounding urban fabric, imo. I love the brick and the lighting touches. The retail spaces could really make for a cool cafe space as 5chw4r7z mentioned. I also love the rooftop patio...can't wait to see the final product for the one across the street.

prozac said...

Maybe its just me, but every time I see an outdoor shot of an apartment or condo building, I immediately think of that old sitcom, "Perfect Strangers." I know, pretty strange, but at least I don't expect the interior to look like it was from the sitcom.

Anonymous said...

you mean this building?

Radarman said...

Really good building. If I could chuck the City West townhouse, I'd be looking at this. I'm sort of into the Vine Street Kroger, just across the street. Think of it as a really big and complete UDF.

5chw4r7z said...

Even though they look like garage doors, they are not movable ;-{

CityKin said...

^what? I thought for sure they were. Too bad.