11 June 2009

Lackman Lofts

There was an open house, about two weeks ago, showing new projects in the 13th and 14th Street areas of OTR. I will make 4 posts out of this in the order of how I saw the buildings
1. Lackman at 13th and Vine
2. Mottanai at Republic and 13th, 1222 and 1224 Republic
3. Trinity Flats, 14th and Vine, 1331 and 1333 Vine, new building
4. City Home, 1400 Block of Pleasant St.

Following are the Lackman photos. These were developed by Urban Sites and 3CDC. There were some nice details, especially the new Rookwood tiles on backsplashes and added in the old wood mantles. I was suprised to see and elevator inside this relatively small building (7 units?). There was a wig/cosmetics store in the first floor of this building for many years, and it has fantastic carved stone details on the exterior.

[where: 1237 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]
Here is my old photo showing the rear of the building last year.
Here is a photo of the outside a few months ago.


Randy Simes said...

If I had a job lined up in Cincinnati I would buy a unit in Lackman this very second. Easily the best value in OTR and absolutely fantastic units.

CityKin said...

Now I want to add some Rookwood tile to my house!

5chw4r7z said...

The funny thing is I'm used to downtown prices and I'm walking around Lackman and the Mottainai thinking "damn this is ONLY $165,000"
Its all relative isn't it?