13 April 2009

The Post Mattered

NY Times says that newspapers do matter, and use the Cincinnati Post as an example:

... the closing of The Post... has led to lower voter turnout, fewer candidates running for municipal office in the suburbs most reliant on The Post, and greater re-election chances for incumbents.

...our results cover only the Kentucky suburbs, because Ohio has not held regular municipal elections since the Post closed, and represent only the short-run consequences of the paper’s closing. Future research could investigate whether political engagement and competition return to their pre-closure level in the long run.


Radarman said...

I keep hoping some real reporters here in town will take a look at Voice of San Diego and decide that that could be done here too. And then do it.

Paul Wilham said...

The interesting thing is that this
city has some realy informative news sources, information you cant get in the Enquirer. However you have to go through 10-15 blogs to do it.

You have blogs linke Building Cincinnati with Development news,Queen City Survey on architecture. I write about Historic preservation and urban planing issues. You have blogs on neighborhood news, On dining, on issues like the streetcar.

If someone could figure a way to get all this information in once place, they would have an online paper, with usefull information that people really are interested in and would READ.

Most of us that blog have "real world" jobs or careers that preclude of from taking the time and energy to do a project like this but I would imagine it would be profitable if someone could put it all together?

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