22 April 2009

Kaid Benfield to Visit

Kaid Benfield; Director of the Smart Growth Program for the Natural Resources Defense Council, will be in Cincinnati next month. After reading some of his blog, he reminds me of Glen Brand who was the spokesperson for the Sierra Club in Cincinnati a few years ago. Glen was always talking about changing our development patterns as a way to be green. Benfield has a blog post here about OTR.

From his bio on his website:
...I believe there is a positive, solution-oriented story to tell about smart, sustainable development, and we in the environmental movement have an obligation to do better than we have in the past to articulate it and to speak up in favor of pragmatic, attractive solutions.

I am unabashedly pro-development when I recognize that it provides beneficial alternatives to sprawl or conventional, unsustainable land use....

I won't hesitate to criticize UNsustainable development, and I also won't hesitate to criticize those who cloak themselves as environmentalists for selfish, anti-environmental ends...

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