30 April 2009

The 21 Page Run-on Sentence

Two things kept me out of civil engineering:
  1. The old military saying, "mechanical engineers build weapons, civil engineers build targets."
  2. Property descriptions used in surveying. They describe the exact boundaries of a piece of real estate in precise and excruciating legal detail. I minored in english and writing, and just could not stomach such highly concentrated inane drivel.
Recently I stumbled upon the mother of all property descriptions, that of the entire City of Cincinnati. It also contains the mother of all run-on sentences, extending for 21 single-spaced pages. Good to know I made the right choice.


Quimbob said...

It'd be an interesting walk.
Now the City manager is looking at writing 52 of these descriptions (that cannot overlap).
Proposed ordinance to register community councils raises questions

CityKin said...

..oh yeah, that old military saying;)

Barry Floore said...

I totally just reposted this. What a fantastic bit of legal wrangling.

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