14 April 2009

Cleveland 1950s

An avante garde film from the 50s of the last streetcars in Cleveland. Interesting more for the people shots and general street scenes than the streetcar IMO:

From the end of the film:
going home is the loneliest time of the day
...sitting there lonely...
why, lonely as a peice of paper flying in the wind...
sometimes the utter loneliness of it all is too much for one man to bear
those big yellow streetcars go from Moore Avenue to St Clair
after a run slightly more than 6 and one tenth miles
at the end of the line you can transfer to many other cars
and ride for many miles thru that big big city of man
but let me warn you before you set out upon this never ending jounery
that not a single solitary car will cary you to heaven


Jim Curtiss said...

What a sad and beautiful piece of celluloid! Thanks for posting it.

Catalog Printing | CatalogPrintingExperts.com said...

Really great! Thanks for sharing!