11 April 2009

AJ and Shorty Black Always

Today we had the most beautiful weather. Crisp, very cool air. Not a cloud in the deep blue sky and a strong, hot sun. In the shade, it was so cold you needed a coat, if you were wearing black in the sunlight it was too hot.

They had an Egg Hunt on Fountain Square. I really don't like this trend of having egg hunts in the days and weeks before Easter, but whatever. I noticed this one was not an Easter Egg Hunt, just an plain egg hunt. So we attended for the first time, and saw lots of downtown friends. I introduced myself to Greg Harris, who was with his son next to us at the starting line. Nice guy, but busy with family stuff. They divided the hunt by age, and as each age group ran out onto the square, I would say all the eggs were gone within 20 seconds. Even the three-year old kids were pretty quick, (with assistance from some pushy parents). Not the best run event, and not a lot of good hiding places on the Square. But we had a good time.

Even with the great sunny clear weather, I didn't take many pictures today. I just didn't feel like it. Here is one from the playground at Findlay Market (a place you can often find me on a Saturday afternoon):


DP said...

Now I feel dumb - admittedly we only go to Findlay about once a month - and only when the weather's decent - but I didn't realize there was a playground there. Probably could have come in handy on several trips. Thanks.

My daughter and I were down at the square on Saturday as well. I had a premonition that the egg hunt was going to be a bit of a mess, so we opted for storytime at the library instead.

Not knowing where all we would end up, we parked at a meter rather than one of the garages. But as a result ended up having to go back and feed the meter once and ended up moving the car another time (3 y.o.'s only seem willing to walk so far in the cold). After we got back home it occurred to me how nice it would have been to be able to park once and know that we could ride a streetcar between the square, the library, Findlay Market, etc. Hmmmm...seems like someone should do something about that...

CityKin said...

Well, it is not the best playground but it's OK for a half-hour of running around.

The strongest argument for me about the current proposed streetcar route is that it is a lifeline to Findlay Market. I think it could become a full-week market if it was connected to downtown.