30 April 2009

Markings on the Curbs

OK, I realize this is pretty trivial, but I have noticed these markings on a lot of the old granite curbs. Sometimes there are channels cut out for downspout drains, and sometimes there are even iron eye-hooks set in the stone. Here are a few photos snapped while walking around the past few months:

An arrow:


A "T":

An "F":

A "GF"?:

Another T:

An "E":

A triangle, this one in concrete:

An "A":

Blobs or squares:

A 'D"?:

An E:

box with lines down:

Box with a dash:

Dash in a box:

A summary of the above shapes:

I think the left half are all water valve symbols. I would guess the E is electric and T for telephone?


Dan said...


WestEnder said...

Good eyes! I've never noticed any such marks/symbols.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of hobo markings, a coded language to identify locations and situations for those riding the rails.

5chw4r7z said...

Last night I noticed a couple dozen of these clustered around Elm and 9th.
Is this where you took the pictures.

CityKin said...

^they are all over the city on old curbs.