02 June 2008

Washington Park Will Expand

The Park Board has officially announced that they have reached an agreement with the School Board, and will expand Washington Park to 14th Street. See the Press Release here. This is good news.

However, there is no commitment to save the pool or rebuild some sort of outdoor deepwater pool in OTR. This is bad news.

Plans are proceeding to add a 3 level underground parking lot at the site. At the request of some neighbors, the new design will add two half basketball courts on the Race Street side.


Anonymous said...

Mike, will the basketball courts be placed at the site of the former school along Race St. or in the existing park?

CityKin said...

In the northern part where the school was. But the designs are still preliminary.

Anonymous said...

I read there were to be more public meetings. have you heard any more about that?

CityKin said...

I don't know if they will do that or not.