16 June 2008

Boris Johnson to Re-open Rivers

This guy Boris thinks big. I hope he can make some of it reality:

Forgotten tributaries of the Thames, long buried under London’s concrete, may be raised to the surface under plans by advisers to Boris Johnson, the mayor, who want to revitalise the city with more water features and open spaces.

They believe that unearthing stretches of buried rivers and creating new parkland could help to cool the capital, which can get markedly hotter than the surrounding suburbs.

.....“When these rivers are opened up I think Londoners will be absolutely amazed. They [the rivers] have been there all the time but you never see them.”
...Adorning London with nature and new open spaces is part of Johnson’s idea to improve the capital’s quality of life to help it to remain competitive.

... “Boris’s big theme is quality of life because if London is to compete with the emerging cities of Shanghai and Mumbai, this is what is going to differentiate us. This theme of livability is going to resonate through a lot of the changes in planning and development policy.”

Ideas being floated include closing streets to traffic to create “cycle superhighways”, diverting roads and knocking down buildings to make public spaces.

.... plans for a tree-lined pedestrian promenade linking Primrose Hill in the north of the city to the Embankment via Oxford Circus and Trafalgar Square. It would be modelled on Las Ramblas, a boulevard in Barcelona.

Las Ramblas is one of the best urban spaces in the world. Isn't it great that a mayor can openly dream about replicating successful places like this?


Anonymous said...

totally off subject, but did you hear gun shots around 1145? just trying to make sure im not crazy. i bring this up in light of your reflections on when to call police. do you call if you think you hear gunshots but dont know where or any other info other than you think you hear them?

CityKin said...

I can't say the exact time, but yes I did hear some between 11 and 12.

I would say yes, call because gunshots are always bad. ..But I didn't.