18 June 2008

Movies on the Square 2008

We saw Cars this past Saturday, and had a pretty good time. The beer was cold, and they had juice boxes with wine in them, but no popcorn as promised. Next time, I guess we need to bring our own popcorn.
The Square was about as crowded as it could get and still be comfortable. A Reds game had just let out before the movie started, and the weather was perfect for strolling.

Each time I go, I am suprised that the movie watching works, even with lots of people walking around and traffic noise, etc.. I was pretty skeptical about a giant TV screen, but somehow it does seem to work.. When we are on the Square ice-skating or other events, we don;t even notice it, but when we are there to watch a movie, the people there for other events don't intrude on the movie.

The remaining movies are:

June 21: Hercules; My Big, Fat, Greek, Wedding
June 28: Spy Kids; Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery
July 5: A Bug's Life; Independence Day
July 12: Robots; I, Robot
July 19: Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius; Batman Begins
July 26: The Goonies; Pirates of the Carribean - The Curse of the Black Pearl
August 2: Aladdin; The Mummy
August 9: Mulan; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
August 16: Mary Poppins; Mrs. Doubtfire
August 23: James and the Giant Peach; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
August 30: The Little Mermaid; Splash
September 6: Rudy; The Waterboy

I think we will go again this Saturday for Hercules. If any families want to meet up, send an email to mike at citykin dot com.

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5chw4r7z said...

I'm not surprised that it works, deep down I think people really want these social, shared experiences and thats what the square is all about. And its a much better story than "we went to the mall and watched a movie"
Much more exciting to share with family and friends right?
We always have a good time when we go, haven't been to one this summer yet, too many parties to go to I guess, we have another one this Saturday. It looks like they have a good stretch of movies coming up I'd like to see. It figures the one I'd like to see the most, Austin Powers is on when I'm out of town.