03 June 2008

Demo at 12th and Elm for SCPA

Last Year:

Middle Gone:

Mostly Gone:

North Side a few days ago:

South Side a few days ago:

Vivacious Gallery a few days ago:

Vivacious Gallery today:

From the inside:

[where: 129 W. Twelfth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]
There were actually 4 buildings here: 1122 Elm , 1124 Elm, 1126 Elm (corner), 129 W. 12th. (4 storefronts and 12+ apartments)


OTRFAN said...

thanks for the pics


Anonymous said...

unbelievably sad. look at the skeletons those buildings had -- takes some real effort to bring one of them down. i can think of SO many other properties more deserving of razing than those were...