18 June 2008

No Gas Postcard and Chabot Redux

Chabot called again last night. I heard 6 people ask questions before I had to hang up. One was about illegal aliens, one was about the wasteful farm bill, and the rest were about high gas prices and the Communists drilling our oil on the outer continental shelf, from Cuba. People are in complete denial about peak oil and ever increasing gas prices, and Chabot is enabling them by saying he can lower them if only they would mail him their gas receipts. He will deliver them to Nancy Pelosi to intimidate her into allowing a vote on more drilling.

Chabot also wanted listeners to key-in their vote on "whether terrorists held in Guantanamo, captured in Afghanistan should be allowed the same right to appeal their detention as a US citizen". He was whipping up the callers, because of course who wants to be soft on a terrorist? The only problem with his line is that many of them are not terrorist!

On a related note, here is an interesting postcard from 1941 about gas shortages:

Back of card:
Says: Heard you were back in Cincy well I'm up here at Indian Lake. What a place. 15 girls to 1 man. I'm dating a blonde from Georgia. Give Jim my best. -Bob Spoerer

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