27 June 2008

Mr. Young

In an attempt to blog more about people, and less about buildings, here is a pic of a long time neighbor. Mr Young has lived in the Washington Park area of OTR most of his life. He raised his kids in the same apartment that he still lives in today. His wife died last year. He gets out every day at least once for a walk to get a paper. The walking and the steps help keep him healthy.
There are a lot of people like the Youngs in OTR, but you won't read about them in the paper.

UPDATE: I talked with Mr. Young today to get a little more backround on him. He was in the Fifth Division, Third Army during WWII. He was in the army from 1939-45. He was overseas for 4 years. He landed at Omaha and swept across Europe and met the Russian Army in Chekoslovakia. He describes walking across a field and Russian women in black boots with weapons strapped to their chests, popped up out of the grass. They offered him vodka.

He is originally from London KY (sister still there), and worked for an Italian Vegetable vendor on the riverfront for 30 years. He started making $1.05 an hour and ended making over $30k a year at the end (for a lot of hours per week)


Anonymous said...

A few more interesting facts about Mr. Young.
-He is over 90 years old, which, when my son was told this replied, "shouldn't we call him Mr. Old?"
-He served in Iceland, England, France, Germany and Czechoslovakia during WWII.
-He worked for produce vendors down on the river and would walk to work every day.

Jason said...

Great post! I love hearing about people like this. I have so much respect for someone who has stuck with this neighborhood through thick and thin.