23 June 2008

Live Music is Life

I was reticent, but the great thing about a partnership, a married couple, is that each has their strengths and each nudges the other along, so...

Sunday evening, warm, not much going on, and wifey says lets take the kids to a bar and get drunk.. Well, no it wasn't really that, it was more along the lines of we don't have any food prepared, lets get a burrito at The Comet, and see a little Bluegrass on the side.

And we got there too late. Music starts at 7:30, and next time, I think if we have the kids, we will try to arrive before 7, so that we can get a seat, and have a bite before the music starts.

Mr. Cunningham leads a great, no pretentions band. They are focused on skill and having a great time. There were maybe half a dozen kids there last night, so I think they are welcome. The band rocked.

I could see the kids just soaking it all in, the howls and whistles from the crowd to the fast fingerwork of the mandolin and banjo players. They may have also noticed the rude bartender, the old man dozing, or the frayed jeans of the guitarist... or the smells, or the lightning in the window behind the band, or the laughing, the clapping, or the harmonies, or even the feel of the wood floor as they sat. What is life if not experiences like this? Life is not experienced through a TV screen or windshield. It must be tasted.

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