12 June 2008

Designated Play Streets

We had similar a similar issue in Cincinnati last year when the City Manager proposed banning ball-play on City Streets. Today, the news is about one specific street near Cleveland, that residents want to designate as a 'play street".

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio -- A group of Strongsville ...parents want to post signs warning cars that children are playing nearby and they want to make it legal for their children to play in the street.

... Neighbors began to question the safety of a cul-de-sac as a playground.

Parents want to make the cul-de-sac a designated play street. While that is allowed in Strongsville, it is not allowed in the state of Ohio...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wish kids had the authority to shut down the streets so they could play. They could put up soccer nets or cones for endzones. Dribblethon kinda did this. How old do you need to be to get a street closing permit?

Game on.