04 March 2008

Voting Today

It was very busy at my polling place this morning, which should be good for my candidate (fingers crossed).

Again though I must ask, why are so many of the races uncontested? Can't the Democrats run someone, anyone, for Sheriff, County Engineer or one of the dozen uncontested judicial positions? I wonder if I could run for engineer? Do you have to be a PE?

Udate: darn, you must be an engineer and a surveyor:
Each of Ohio's 88 counties elects a County Engineer. Only persons who hold registration certificates form the State of Ohio as both Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) and Registered Professional Surveyor (P.S.) may hold the office of County Engineer. To achieve both accreditations requires a minimum of a college degree in engineering and surveying, four years of experience in engineering and surveying, and 16 hours of testing for each license. Ohio has the most rigorous standards in the United States for qualifying its County Engineers.

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Anonymous said...

Go Obama!