11 March 2008

Snow Play in Street

Once the storm died-down Saturday, we took the sled out for a walk-around:

Pulling sled in Washington Park:

Sledding on Pleasant Street:

Old neighborhood garden, soon to be replaced with new townhouses:

A big fat guy, named Walt, used to run a corner store here. It was a bad hang out for a while, now pieces are falling off the building:

1500 block of Elm, looking north:

West 15th Street looking toward Vine:

Looking south on Elm Street:

I did NOT put this sticker on the canon in the park:


View over pool to Pleasant Street:

Snow on rear of new Elm (Correction 1100 block of Race) Street condos:

1300 block of Vine:

West 13th Street:

Sun comes out right before setting:

First English Lutheran:


Reverb said...

Sweet pictures...looks like downtown was a ghost town.

CityKin said...

There were actually more people out than my photos show. However car traffic was pretty minimal for 24hrs or so.

Anonymous said...

Great pics Mike...truly a magical weekend downtown.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wish I was a kid growing up in the city.

Signify said...

Elm Street condos look interesting. Would you have any info about them. The metal work is curious.

catherine said...

Here is some info on the ones in the photo:

Radarman said...

Hmm. Somebody's wrong. The Gateway condos in the referral are the ones on Race Street. Mike says those stairways are on Elm.

Julie said...

I'm fairly sure I saw you guys on Friday evening (or maybe it was Saturday) with your sled on Clay and 13th. In fact, I remember thinking, "Hmm, I wonder if that was City Kin."

CityKin said...

Yes that was us Friday night heading to or from Main Street.

The condos are on Race, my typo.

Julie said...

Next time I'll say hi. :)