04 March 2008

Underground Parking

3CDC is investigating the possibility of underground parking at Washington Park instead of a new parking garage to the south of Music Hall that was to be called Music Hall Square. I think there are several reasons for this, including the constricted site south of Music Hall, the required purchase of property south of Music Hall, the mis-alignment of the garage floors with Music Hall floors, and the fact that fewer and fewer people enter Music Hall from the front anymore. Also many people questioned the modern design of the proposed parking structure.

There also may be some benefits to underground parking in Washington Park such as: a place to put pumps for fountains and other equipment and people will then enter the front of Music Hall. The negatives would be the costs of going underground (added ventilation and sprinklers), the entrances could look ugly and mess up the park design, and it would limit the trees allowed in this part of the park.

I'm undecided whether going underground is the best choice. I will be interested in seeing the proposed entrance locations and design.

Not to keep bringing Portland up, but when there, I saw an underground parking lot being constructed, and a park was being built on top. A developer we met with said that underground parking like this cost them $50k per parking space!

Banner reads: "Build paradise, tear up a parking lot":




Anonymous said...

$50K per parking space seems excessive, but I remember the underground parking lots in Manhattan, NY both generated a LOT of money everyday.

In addition the parking lots created jobs for lot attendants who actually parked/retrieved your car.

What is the proposed distance that people will walk from the underground parking to the front of the music hall? Is there space available for small commercial developments (like the shops in an airport?)

CityKin said...

Its right across the street and not in a very commercial area, but it could be coordinated with the park concession stands and comfort stations.

Quimbob said...

Wouldn't there be the possibility of haunting issues putting an underground parking lot in an old cemetery ?

CityKin said...

This would be in the new northern end where buildings once stood, however, I agree the spirits may be released through the new ventilation shafts.

Matt said...

that's hilarious, Quim

Anonymous said...

How about safety issues? Would as many people be inclined to use it because of perceived danger? Granted, an above-ground garage has just as few ingress/egress points, but it is perceived as safer.

As far as design, I think they could do some innovative design with the ramps, perhaps.

CityKin said...

I think above ground is safer, and feels safer because it is open and visible. Underground, people will feel less safe, especially if it is relatively empty IMO.

Anonymous said...

And now we find out that 3CDC hadn't even mentioned this idea to the landowner, CPS, while they were running around town getting everyone else on board.

And the Enquirer gets a twofer--promote development, backhand CPS. They must be very happy!

CityKin said...

I am not involved enough to know what the ulterior motives are here, but something smells rotten. It is more than just a misunderstanding.