20 March 2008

Saddest Sidewalks

Here is an outsider's view of Cincinnati. He thinks downtown Cincinnati has the "saddest sidewalkds in the world." A bit over dramatic if you ask me, but that was his view as a visitor. He was in town for a wedding, and he only spent a day or two here, and he gets many facts wrong, but I think his perspective is noteworthy, and probably typical.


Bill Lindeke said...

I should definitely spend more time in Cincinnati. I hear there are neighborhoods, and everything.

Oh well, I thought it was beautiful, and could be a wonderful place to live. Hope that streetcar gets built!

CityKin said...

Yes, there is more here than you will see walking around on a summer sunday morning, however, you did accurately see some of our problems.

How did you know I linked to your post? I gotta figure out how this internets stuff works sometime.

You have some good writing on your site.

Chris S said...

Referral history :) Dunno if you can see all your referrers on blogger, but I can see everyone who links to my blog as soon as someone actually clicks the link.

ThatDeborahGirl said...

lol, that part about Cincinnati not getting snow was hilarious but the rest was spot on. Surprising how much he was able to learn in such a short period of time.

The Streetcar plan sucks.