16 March 2008

Fasching at Fairview

I wish I was a better photographer. Sure, in bright daylight I can take nice shots of buildings. But inside, low light, moving faces I haven't yet figured out with a digital camera. Lots of opportunities for good people shots yesterday at the school festival, but all I got was a fuzzy mess:

Figuring out what to spend their tickets on:

Ball Game:

Line for game:

I wanted to get a shot of these four girls so bad. They each had one of the following words painted on their head: "best friends 4 life". Probably in their last weeks of elementary school, heading to 7th grade and a new school next fall:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on my writing. Appreciate it very much. I slid over to take a look at your photos here. You manage to make the snow look a lot better than it looked that morning trying to make my way to work! I'm going to send your site to my daughter in Kentucky--she gets a bit homesick for Cincinnati, I don't think she's been gone long enough to miss 10 inches of snow though! Annie