13 March 2008

Public Transport at a 50yr High

Public transportation use is up 32% since 1995, a figure that is more than double the growth rate of the population (15%) and up substantially over the growth rate for the vehicle miles traveled (VMT) on US highways (24%) for that same period.

Light rail (modern streetcars, trolleys, and heritage trolleys) had the highest percentage of ridership increase among all modes, with a 6.1% increase in 2007. Light rail systems showed double digit increases in the following areas: New Orleans (128.6%); Denver (66.2 %); Saint Louis (27.0%); Philadelphia (26.2%); Kenosha (18.5 %); the state of New Jersey (14.7%); and Memphis (11.3%).

Correction: the link to the article.

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Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Well, Cincinnati can't get ahead of the rest of the United States.

We have to keep up our reputation of being ten years behind the rest of the States.

Long live Mark Twain!