15 March 2008

Little Girl Dress-up

I would have never thought that I would be fighting a three-year old about what clothes she can and cannot wear out.

This causes me some trepidation about her teenage years.


Anonymous said...

My advice is not to fight it too much unless what she picks is totally unsuited to the weather. Since adults buy the clothes you can avoid the trashy stuff entirely.

When I realized that I can tell when my husband let my daughter dress herself I decided I was too concerned about something that really didn't matter. My 12-year old likes to wear costumes I've made for her Shakespeare drama class. Apparently there's no event that can't be improved by wearing a doublet.

CityKin said...

It's actually kinda nice that she thinks about it and dresses herself. So far the disagreement is just on clothes that are appropriate for the weather. This just wasn't expected by me, since our son wasn't interested at all.

Anonymous said...

Mike this post made me laugh. I estimate your best days are ahead of you!