06 March 2008

Vacant Race Street

Two weeks ago, Sunday morning walk. 1500 block of Race is vacant:

Snowy parking lot in front of Music Hall:

Body Tire Service Sign on long-vacant building:

The rear of some buildings on Republic Street.

Rexall Prescription Drugstore in old Paulus Kirche:

Hart Realty Inc, the company that used to own many of these buildings:

1419 Race, a sturdy townhouse, now in the hands of the City:


Anonymous said...

1419 is actually in the hands of a developer.

CityKin said...

Maybe, but the auditor still shows the City holding the deed.

It shows that they took ownership in January 2001.

Anonymous said...

I have been interested in this property for the last year or so. As a someone who would love to own in OTR, but doesn't have the means at the moment, I have long fantasized about this building.

A week ago the city posted code violations along Race and this building was one of them. The code violation and the auditors site both list the ownership info as the City of Cincinnati, but a recent call to the City's real estate department revealed that the entire block, (not sure if that means just along race, or between Elm, Race, 14th and 15th) has been transferred to a developer. I assume that this is part of the Gateway Quarter development.

CityKin said...

This building is attractive partly because it is an anamoly in OTR: a single family townhouse in a neighborhood filled with 4 and 5 story multi-family buildings. There are other townhouses, some which may be available on side streets such as Magnolia, Odeon etc..

If anyone is interested in purchasing a place to rehab, look north of Liberty or maybe call 3CDC and ask if they want to sell. They have purchased most everything that is available south of Liberty and West of Vine. I have a friend who was looking for a garage, and he was shown two of their vacant buildings, one on Elm and one on 15th, and they said they were both available for purchase, so I think they would sell if you had a plan for rehab.