11 March 2008

Streetcar Crash

I found this interesting photo at a Fire Department history website. The description follows:
9.27.1945: This accident occurred on Vine Street at Clifton Avenue. A streetcar that was southbound on Vine from Mulberry Street was struck in the rear by an automobile. Moments later, another streetcar hit the automobile, sandwiching the vehicle between the two trolleys. The driver of the car was killed and 40 passengers of the streetcars were injured.
Photograph - Dennis Maag Collection

Contrast to the film below, where trolleys, horse carts and pedestrians mix it up peacefully. Cars have been turning our public streets into dangerous auto sewers for too long.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the root cause of the accident isn't an early case of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Why did the automobile driver not see the street car until he/she ran into the back of it?

Also, didn't the streetcars have operators (like a train conductor) who could stop the streetcar before sandwiching the automobile back then?

Jason said...

The condition of that car after the crash shows how poorly cars were designed back then in terms of safety. There was no such thing as crunch zones!