18 March 2008

Blog Break and Opening Day

Despite having a backlog of things I want to write about, but because of work deadlines, Easter break and my mounting distraction by Obama/Clinton; I am cutting myself off from the internet for the rest of the month. I may have an odd post or two, but probably not.

But before I go:
Monday, March 31st is Reds Opening Day, and my family and I will host our annual Open House for Opening Day parade. Cincinnati Public Schools have no classes that day, so it should be a great crowd. Any reader of this blog is welcome to visit and watch the parade with us. If you don't know who I am and where I live, just send me an email, and I will give you the details in an invite later this week. Otherwise, just show up.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the break. Can't wait to start the commute south on I-75 for Opening Day and leave the snow behind. It will be strange not having the Washington Park Elementary School for a landmark.

CityKin said...

Come early and help me set up chairs again! I hope we get good weather this year.