18 September 2009

Walking To School Controversy Again

The simple act of letting a second grader walk a block and a half to school has generated 186 comments on the NY Times website. Fascinating.

At our kid's school, I have noticed that there are some kids that ride bikes to school, surely a rarity today. I don't know what the appropriate age is to allow this, but I am sure I will recognize it in my kids.


Anonymous said...

For crying out loud! We beef about child obesity and then don't want them to walk to school or ride their bikes. What in the world has happened? The sky is NOT falling, and walking would save bundles in school funds when they park the bus. Linda

Radarman said...

Yet there are school districts that ban both biking and walking, as if the dangers of driving didn't exist.

The hidden villains are the creators of culs de sac and the local governments that refuse to require sidewalks.

5chw4r7z said...

Its a slippery slope letting your kids walk to school.
Whats next, the store, a park?
This walking has to stop now.