17 September 2009

Pohlar Cafe

This old little bar closed last year when someone bought the building and liquor license :

According to Time magazine, this bar was home to a Championship Softball team in 1938.:
...the men's championship went to the Pohlar's Cafe team of Cincinnati (owned by the proprietors of a German beer garden), whose pitcher, Clyde Kirkendall, had pitched 127 consecutive scoreless innings (a record) earlier in the season.
[where: 1432 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]

The same person that bought the Pohlar Cafe also bought these buildings in the midst of OTR Community Housing's new project on Pleasant Street, and is giving them a quick once-over:

[where: 1425 Pleasant Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]


PinkFest said...

Wow would you look at the ceiling in the old Pohlar Cafe. The lifes & secrets this place must hoarding.
Thanks for the pic and brief history.

Stephen said...

Thanks for posting this image of Pohlar's -- I just learned from my Grandmother that the saloon was built by my great-great-Grandfather, Daniel Pohlar. When I looked online to see if there were any images of it, this was the first to pop up!

CityKin said...

It has been vacant for a few years but has been bought by a local developer who has big plans.