15 September 2009

Blackwell and Palin Two Peas in a Pod

Local Clifton resident, former City Councilmember, and former Secretary of State (of Ohio), Ken Blackwell clearly has delusional presidential ambitions. He resurfaces this week with an editorial claiming that not only does Obama want to kill Grandma, but your injured war vet too. These idiots have no shame.

A couple responses to his article are excellent:
..."Your Life-Your Choices," was not deep-sixed as you claim by the Bush administration, it was re-issued several times. The Obama administration simply re-issued the booklet with updates to language inside, like any other yearly publication.

Pre-counseling veteran's returning from war with debilitating life long injuries to take note of depression and suicidal thoughts is not "a sharp kick?" towards government murder. It is a booklet to help prevent suicide, and to prepare soldiers who's conditions are life-long to make smart educated decisions about any future care like being kept alive on a feeding tube, or DNR orders on the operating table.

You are lying to anyone who reads this article for partisan political purposes. You are doing our soldiers a great disservice by unfairly painting a document provided for their and their families benefit as a government death squad. You are intellectually bankrupt, and morally specious.

...Getting counseling on how to protect yourself and ensure you own wishes and medical decisions is extremely important so as to EMPOWER patients to have control over their end of life care. The whole point is that countless people end up in situations where they have not made their wishes clear, which can be incredibly traumatic for their families. No one is trying to kill them off: they're trying to encourage people to think seriously about what they DO want, and make sure they've taken the steps to ensure it clearly.

Opportunistic harpies like Blackwell and Palin are using this issue to score cheap points at the expense of an actual and very serious issue. In the process they are going to leave a lot of people without clear directives, access to counseling, and so forth. It's absolutely disgusting.

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