18 September 2009

Ordinary Obama is Drivin'em Crazy

During my morning podcast listen, I heard a replay of both Limbaugh and Beck going crazy, insane really, hyping McCarthy and making a schoolbus fistfight into the apocalypse for white people. Ta-Nehisi Coates' response:
....But Barack Obama, bourgeois in every way that bourgeois is right and just, will not dance. He tells kids to study--and they seethe. He accepts an apology for an immature act of rudeness--and they go hysterical. He takes his wife out for a date--and their veins bulge. His humanity, his ordinary blackness, is killing them. Dig the audio of his response to Kanye West--the way he says, "He's a jackass." He sounds like one of my brothers. And that's the point, because that's what he is. Barack Obama refuses to be their nigger. And it's driving them crazy.

It's about time.


John F. said...

I really love TNC's blog. Every post is a home run. Except when he gets on football and World of Warcraft. I'm lost in both worlds. :)

WestEnder said...

Yep, I think that excerpt basically hit the bullseye.