27 September 2009

I Wanted to Ask Him the Same Question

Mr. Beck, what is "white culture"?:
"ehh,,emm, uhuhuuuuhhh.aaaa,.. uhh....duhh.."


Todd McFarland said...

Some people that listen to him and support Fox news vote. That's what's scary.

Anonymous said...

"PURPOSE: The goal of this blog is to generate friendships and share information regarding the promotion and retention of families in the urban center of Cincinnati."

Mike, I've been reading a long time, but I think I'm done. Seems like the purpose of your blog isn't what is stated, anymore, if it ever was. Enough with the politics.

CityKin said...

Well I've posted over 1500 times in the past 3 years, and 58 of them have been political. I don't think that politics is overtaking the blog.

My original intention was to keep to Cincinnati Urban Families, but frankly I find that too limiting so I get into architecture, transit, travelling and sometimes politics. As I read more blogs I find I prefer the ones that cover wider ranges of topics rather than ones that stick to single areas of interest.

And if you agree with Beck's assesment that "Obama has a deep seated hatred of white culture" then go ahead and defend him here. You won't hurt my feelings

catherine said...

I don't necessarily feel that this post is off topic. Part of living in an urban environment is being comfortable with a diversity of cultures. Part of that comfort is knowing your own culture. When people surround themselves with identically minded indivduals they often lose the ability to both articulate themselves and appreciate other viewpoints. This can take place on both ends of the spectrum. That is one of the great things about cities; they make it more difficult to seal yourself off in a comfortable bubble of nonsense and they force you to be able to explore and express yourself without the guaruntee of unconditional agreement.

Quimbob said...

For a guy who makes a living talking, that guy's sure pretty miserable at it.